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Perform better, feel better, and enjoy competing at the highest level. 

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Counseling and Sport Psychology Services

The Performance Psychology Center provides therapymental skills training, and education to athletes, coaches, and professionals. Our team is made up of licensed mental health professionals with backgrounds in athletics and expertise in Sport and Performance Psychology. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide Sport Psychology services throughout California. Our mission is to promote well being and teach core mental skills so that our clients can be at their best when it matters most.


In-person and remote Therapy and Training

Our online sports psychologists specialize in providing tele-mental health (remote online video meetings), bringing counseling and Sport Psychology services to you, whether you have a tight schedule, do not have access to a trained professional or just want to skip the traffic. We also provide in-person therapy at our offices in Santa Rosa, CA


How it works

1. Check out the website and decide what service is the best fit for you.

2. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation call.

3. Talk with a staff member about your interest, ask questions, and make a plan.

4. Schedule your first counseling or Sport Psychology meeting!

5. Set up is easy and happens all online; paperwork, scheduling, and payment.

What The Center Offers

At the Performance Psychology Center in Santa Rosa, we offer the opportunity to work with passionate, professional and experienced clinicians that get it. We understand athletics because we come from athletic backgrounds, we've trained in athletic settings and we work with athletes across the range of sports. Whether it is through individual therapy with a licensed clinician, mental skills training for peak performance, or an educational course to gain core knowledge, our sports psychologists are committed to benefiting your health and performance. Our passion is connecting our clients to the incredibly valuable science, practice, and skills of the field of Sport and Performance Psychology. 


Interested in finding out more? Check out the services we offer below or contact us at 

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Free 15min Initial Consultaion Call


“Every athlete embarks on a unique journey that they hope will some day end with success. All will struggle and have doubts along the way. Some require the assistance of an expert. Dr Puentes has cultivated an expertise that allows athletes to feel understood, respected and confident about their future. Dr. Puentes is a champion at developing the mindset of a champion.” 

- Mick Franco, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist & Sport Psychology Consultant

University of Notre Dame



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