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Services for Athletic Departments & Organizations

The Performance Psychology Center provides in-person and tele-mental health services (online video and phone meetings) to Athletic Departments, helping them meet their Sport Psychology needs and provide holistic care to their student athletes. The clinicians at the center are licensed mental health providers in California with backgrounds in university athletics and expertise in Sport Psychology. 


Mental Health Services 

·     Individual and group therapy 

·     Crisis intervention

·     Performance Psychology skills training 

·     Mental health screenings

·     Educational workshops 

·     Consultation with Sports Medicine staff and administrators 



·     Tele-health platform increases access to mental health                         services for student-athletes

·     No more long waitlists and appointments scheduled multiple                 weeks out

·     Saves time for tight schedules by eliminating the commute and           offering flexible times

·     Today’s students are more comfortable online having important       meetings

·     Clinicians with expertise in Sport Psychology help bridge the           gap and reduce stigma

·     Confidential, secure, HIPPA compliant tele-mental health                     services


Contact us today for inquiries, pricing packages, and availability at (707) 596-8280 or email at



Download the flyer summarizing services and benefits here: 


“Every athlete embarks on a unique journey that they hope will some day end with success. All will struggle and have doubts along the way. Some require the assistance of an expert. Dr Puentes has cultivated an expertise that allows athletes to feel understood, respected and confident about their future. Dr. Puentes is a champion at developing the mindset of a champion.” 

- Mick Franco, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist & Sport Psychology Consultant

University of Notre Dame



We look forward to hearing from you!

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