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Feel better, perform better and enjoy competing. 

The Performance Psychology Center provides therapy to adolescents and adults with concerns across the spectrum of mental health. The Center specializes in providing therapy to individuals with athletic and competitive performance backgrounds. Further, tele-mental health services (video and phone meetings) offer clients throughout the state of California a way to bring the therapy and sport psychology services to them, whether they have a tight schedule, do not have access to a trained profesional or just want to skip the traffic.


Dr. Joe's approach to therapy. 

Dr. Joe Puentes is a Licensed Psychologist based in Santa Rosa, CA with 10+ years of experience providing therapy. Dr. Joe's approach is collaborative and nonjudgmental, integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology. The aim of therapy is to provide a comfortable space for clients to speak openly and honestly.  Dr. Joe first works to understand the client's concerns and then as a guide in helping them take steps toward positive change.  Dr. Joe has a genuine belief in the human spirit and a deep respect for the inner compass in each of us. Dr. Joe sees therapy as a combined effort, bringing the client's expertise in their own life together with his expertise in the field of Psychology.  

Fees and Payment

Our fees for individual therapy range between $180 - $330 per meeting. We are in network providers for several insurance companies and can also work with you as an out of network provider depending on you insurance plan. If you are an independent student athlete with limited finances we can discuss the possibility of a reduced fee. Payment is quick and easy online through credit card or PayPal payment. 


Next Step

Call now for a free initial consultation. You can share a brief summary of what brings you in, ask any questions you might have and decide if you would like to move forward and schedule an initial appointment. Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? The Performance Psychology Center is ready to help.



We look forward to hearing from you!

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