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Sport Psychology Training

Ready to take your performance to the next level? You put in way too much time, blood, sweat, and tears to not have a trained mental approach to help you perform when it matters most. Your mindset can either unleash your talent or suppress it.


Whether you are an athlete, coach, athletic trainer, therapist or professional, getting trained in Sport Psychology can help you and those you work with, perform better, feel better and enjoy competing at the highest level.


What we offer:

Dr. Joe Puentes provides individual and team training, teaching foundational Sport Psychology concepts and skills and then helping clients apply these to their unique competitive arenas. Sport Psychology training gives clients the chance to learn researched backed and elite athlete tested tools as well as receive individualized guidance in applying these toward their success.


The goal:

With personalized training, an athlete can increase the likelihood of performing at one's best under pressure. Those who receive training will not only be able to utilize it in their own lives but also lead those around them toward a stronger and wiser mindset.


Do you think Sport Psychology training could help increase your likelihood of success? The Center offers in person as well as distance training (video and phone meetings).


Contact us today! (707) 596-8280 or email at

Girl's Softball Team Members


Sport Psychology training offers the athlete the chance to learn foundational concepts and core mental skills in order to better perform at their best under pressure. Confidence, focus, overcoming fear of failure, getting into the zone, managing emotion and visualization are all part of training the mind for peak performance. 


Sport Psychology training offers coaches the opportunity to learn the essentials from the field of Sport and Performance Psychology as well as the guidance to apply these with athletes, teams and in their own performance as coaches. Motivation, team dynamics, confidence, growth mindset, overcoming adversity, maintaining composure, managing emotion and peaking during playoffs are all part of core Sport Psychology Training for coaches.  

Water Polo Players


Sport Psychology training for Sports Medicine Staff includes learning core concepts and psychological processes related to athletic injury, motivation, recovery and burnout.  Further, training offers guidance in talking to athletes about mental health, the mind-body connection and basic strategies to manage stress related to injury. 

Sports Medicine


Sport Psychology raining for business professionals involves utilizing the research, strategies and skills from the field of Sport and Performance Psychology to help perform when it matters most in the professional field.  Business owners, real estate agents, lawyers, medical professionals and entrepreneurs make an incredibly valuable investment when they add mental training. Confidence, focus, motivation, maintaining composure, overcoming adversity and recovering from burnout are all pieces to ensuring professionals perform at their best in their high pressure fields. 

Business Meeting
Busines Professional


Sport Psychology training for therapists offers the opportunity for professional consultation and training in the field of Sport and Performance Psychology.  Training includes teaching of core concepts and skills, case consultation, experiential exercises and guidance for integration and application in professional practice.



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