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Why the Performance Psychology Center.

Updated: Aug 4, 2019


Imagine you are at that moment when the pressure is on and it's crucial you execute. Success would be joy and failure would be agony.  Now imagine, you know just how to handle that pressure. Rather than fear overcoming you, a calm confident excitement fills your body. You’ve prepared for this moment, you mentally trained for this moment, you have the skills, the focus, and the composure to succeed. You unleash your talent on the moment, perform at your highest level, and have created a new moment, one of fulfillment, accomplishment, and triumph. 

This is what we are after.

This is what we are after at the Performance Psychology Center, helping you perform at your best when it matters most, so you can have, at the very least, the satisfying feeling of bringing your hard work to fruition, and at most, legacy-making, life-changing performances.  

Take your performance to the next level.

You’ve come to the Performance Psychology Center because you want to take your performance to the next level. You’ve already achieved a level of success but as you reach this new altitude, you realize you face another level of pressure and a new set of challenges. You may have hit some sort of roadblock, maybe small, maybe big, but you know it's of utmost importance to overcome it. 

Are you pressing?

Many competitors at this point start to try harder, overanalyze, press, wishfully think things will get better (I did a lot of this to no avail!) and unfortunately leave this critical time in their career up to a hodgepodge of advice, well-intentioned gimmicks and overtraining. Most competitors that have a level of success already know what an ideal mindset feels like but they often don’t know how they got there or even more important, what to do when they find themselves struggling or out of it. 

There is a better way. 

What if I told you that there was a coherent, scientifically-backed, and elite athlete tested set of mental strategies and skills that when applied skillfully can get you through to performing at the next level? That you could feel so confident about your mental approach that you could get out of your head and into the fun of competing again? That your mindset could become your competitive advantage? That your mental approach can be developed and trained? I’m telling that there is such an approach, I call it the Champion’s Mindset, and I’m telling you that you can learn to use it successfully.  

Perform better, feel better and enjoy competing at the highest level.

The Champion's Mindset

The Champion’s Mindset did not happen overnight, it was developed over 10+ years digesting scientific literature from the fields of Sport and Performance Psychology, receiving invaluable mentorship during my training years at USC and Notre Dame, and more than anything working with athletes, coaches, professionals and performers of all types in their path. I’ve developed a series of clear, practical and effective strategies to strengthen your mental game and significantly increase your likelihood of success. 

Develop a highly trained mental approach.  

My staff and I have a deep respect for the journey you’re on because we’ve been there ourselves, we’ve worked with others on the journey and we know what’s at stake. You put in way way way too much blood, sweat, tears, time and effort to not have a highly trained mental approach (just as you have a physically trained).  The Champion’s Mindset will give you a map and a compass for your mental game so you know where you should be and where you should not be mentally for peak performance. Then, through mental training, you will develop the skills to get where you need to be, consistently and quickly, when the lights are hot and the competition is on the line. 

Join us.

Join with us at the Performance Psychology Center to advance your mental game, rejuvenate your approach to competition, and get back to enjoying competing at the highest level. 

5 Most Common Mental Blocks

If you are getting stuck in your quest to reach new performance heights, you’re likely experiencing one or more of these five most common mental blocks.

  1. Overthinking – Athletes tell me, “I’m in my head too much. I get in the way of my own performance.”

  2. Mind and body working against each other – Athletes tell me “I know what I need to do but I just can’t do it.”

  3. Self-doubt – Athletes tell me, “I start to think negatively and it’s hard to change it, it can get bad.”

  4. Problems getting back into the zone once competition does not go as planned. - Athletes tell me, “My mental game is great until things go wrong!”

  5. Fear of failure or letting others down – Athletes tell me, “I just don’t want to let down all the people that have supported me.”

My Most Successful Clients

My most successful clients are:

  • psychologically minded, meaning they see the benefit of developing a better mental approach, 

  • ready to commit time and effort, they know that the journey is not easy but is worth it, and 

  • love to compete, underneath it all, are after the deep satisfaction that comes with giving it their all and achieving.  

If you recognize one or more of the mental blocks above getting in your way and connect with one or more of the characteristics of my most successful clients, you’re in the right place. 

Start here.

Now that you know you are in the right place. Let's decide where to start. The Performance Psychology Center offers:

  • Therapy - You are ready to invest in your mental health alongside improving your mental game. Athletes tell me, "When my mind is well, then my body and performance will follow."  

  • Sport Psychology Training - You are ready to learn, practice and master strategies and skills to take your performance to the next level. Athletes tell me, "I've always wanted to learn what the elite and professional athletes do to get their mind right." Taking this path, you get to be more than mentally tough, you get to be mentally trained. 

  • Educational Courses - You, or your team, or your organization are rejuvenated by learning, passionate about growing your knowledge and excited to add to your expertise and wisdom on sport performance. 

How it works.

  1. Decide to take the next step, whether it be therapy, training or education.

  2. Call for a Sport Psychology consultation call (simple, easy, free).

  3. Share your interest, ask questions and make a plan.

  4. Set up your initial meeting (for Therapy and Training).

  5. Everything happens online, paperwork, set up, payment and video sessions. 

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