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Sleep Like a Champion

Sleep! I often argue the most surefire strategy to improve performance quickly and significantly, is to get good quality sleep. Now we all know this is easier said than done. I share my top 5 tips for sleep below as well as resources on sleep from the NCAA.

My top 5 tips for sleep when working with performers and professionals:

1) All activities that excite you or fire you up - MINIMIZE these at bedtime (doing your overwhelming to-do list or finances, arguing with loved ones, playing or watching violent or scary stuff.

2) All activities that relax and calm you - MAXIMIZE before bedtime (relaxation exercises, reading a book, hot bath or shower, music, etc.).

3) Try the CALM app for relaxation exercises. The app has a free version and a reasonably priced paid version. So many clients come back saying it's invaluable for sleep.

4) Stop obsessive clock checking and time calculating (this only fires you up). INSTEAD, reassure yourself, you'll get enough sleep eventually, and focus on a calming activity.

5) Some problems with sleep are complicated or too difficult to overcome on your own. I'm a big fan of meeting with a therapist to talk it out, problem solve, learn more strategies and make a plan.

Want to learn more about how to improve sleep to be able to feel better, perform better and enjoy competition? Contact us at the Performance Psychology Center for a free initial 15-minute consultation call. You can learn more about the therapy, training, and education we provide to athletes, coaches, and professionals. Contacts us at

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