Noah Merl, LCSW

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Approach and Background

I am here to work with you to achieve your goals and to feel better along the way. I specialize in working with athletes and performers at all levels, from high school through adulthood, from weekend warriors to elite professionals.


I bring into my work my past as a collegiate (Cal) and professional athlete (MLS/USL), as well as 10+ years of experience working with clients with a wide array of mental health, substance use, and performance issues. Whether you are looking to improve execution or are dealing with emotional and mental health concerns arising from life stress, I provide a safe and open space to discuss your challenges. My approach is solution-oriented to help you improve your life and clear the bar that you set for yourself. 


I uniquely understand the dynamics and pressures that face athletes, and how to navigate the obstacles that directly and indirectly arise from sports and performance. Being an athlete affects your physical and mental health, social life and functioning, and personal identity, and it provides structure and motivation in life. Athletes historically have neglected and downplayed mental health issues, though they are affected by life stressors just like everybody else. Overcoming performance anxiety, improving self-talk and concentration, supporting injury recovery, and weathering life transitions are among the many areas that can be worked on to improve your experience.


I believe that no one knows you better than you know yourself. Together we can identify what is working for and against you, what patterns need to be broken or adjusted, and what coping skills can be learned and practiced to maximize your ability to be at your best when it matters most.

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Qualifications and Education

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 74059)

University of Maryland at Baltimore, Master of Social Work (MSW)

University of California at Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts (BA)